New born Maine Coon babies in our Cattery

Hu*Angelpaw G alom

Our Maine Coon babies in the G litter are born!

Our Maine Coon Cattery had been waiting for the yesterday around for 2 months.   Sabine Mommy and Konrád Daddy spent a nice couple days together 64 days ago, so from this mate beautiful Maine Coon babies were born.

There are no very similer babies in this Angelpaw litter. The G’s Maine Coon babies are very varied, colorful with heavy weights. The smallest was born with 118 gramm and the biggest was born with 138 gramm.  This is a quite big litter, so we keep our fingers crossed and we hope Sabine will have enough milk and energy for them.   Bővebben

We enjoy the summer in our Maine Coon Cat Cattery

Maine Coon cicák a kifutóban

Our sweet Maine Coon kittens from the F litter enjoy the summer. They are vaccinated – with the first combinate vaccination – so they can leave the kitten room and come to the living room as in the catrun too. The 5 naughty kittens found the possibilities of the safe garden. They play always just like the children. It’s good to see their carefree game.

Fairy Tail Maine Coon cica

Fairy Tail showed her lovely belly during playtime. Sweet, stumpy princess, who is creatured for kisses with a playful temper. She is waited for so much by her new owner to cuddle her.  ❤️