Our blue Maine Coon kittens in the litter J

Blue is the Beauty – if you dont give up, your dream will come true

Arrivel our blue kittens made us so happy.

Who knows our cattery’s story that how insistently we were waiting for our blue babies and how much misfortune and pain have preceded the blue beauties’ arrival. But cat breeding is just like this. To the birth of the imagined Maine Coon kittens we need a lot of patience, time and stamina. The older the cattery, the more likely is that they would know the darker side of breeding and not just the good covered with sugar. Although the cattery can become more conscious, well experienced and dedicated only with failures and painful experiences. 

Our passion for Maine Coons has started when we chose our first blue girl, Rhodesia. We have not bring her home yet, but soon a giant, blue baby born in the C litter, we thought for the first time the kitten is a girl, but later we got know that he is a big boy. We changed his name from Crystal to Cristiano Ronaldo. Our happiness was measureless. We saw the perfect duo in these two blue cat and we were expecting fantastic babies from them. But life, destiny or God changed our plan, because two months later we have lost Rhodi in due croupons pneumonia. I had a breakdown. I spent nights with crying and I was thinking about that we have not really started breeding yet and I would stop doing it. My pain was limitless. After a couple of nights without any sleep, we took part in a cat exhibition in October where other breeders melt my soul and share their painful experiences with us, after this I felt strong enough to continue.

What has happened later?


FIFe Word Cathow in Vienna, 2016


We visited to the most important Cat Show event for the FIFe breeders in Vienna in Oktober 29-30. 2016. It was our first Word Cat Show and we are very happy and proud to participate in it.

On Saturday our beautiful black diamond, HU*Angelpaw Dark Chocolate (DC) was showed by his owners – Nancy Klabunde and André Mach from Switzerland – and we achived fantastic results. DC got first the „Best in Variety”, later he was nominated to the Best in Show by a nice judge Jörgen Billing, DK. I always knew that DC was beautiful, but it was firstly unbeliveble for me. I was not ready that after only 3 breeding years one of our cats would be in the BEST panel on the stage. It was just like a dream. We took photos (you can see here) and videos which we will share soon.

I would like to tell many thanks to Nancy & André who gave DC lovely home and nice possibility to show him in Vienna. I would like to give a big hug  our DC’s Aunt, my dear Ariane (Diva’s mommy) who mentioned my DC to Nancy so she is responsible, that DC has a wonderful family. Finally we would like to tell you my dear Ivett, our MCO grandma, how appreciate you and no words to tell you how much we love you. You trusted in us with her beautiful Maine Coon cats and I know you are as proud now as we are.

Well our little Angelpaw family from 2 countries is very happy and we were all together for DC as a DC Fan Club. You gave us the nicest gift in the world.

Thanks for all hungarian and other catfancy people who crossed their fingers for DC and us!

DC fan team



Maine Coon cicáink közül 2 új otthonába költözött 2.rész

HU*Angelpaw Diamond és Fairy Tail
HU*Angelpaw Diamond és Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Maine Coon cicánk testvéréhez költözött

Mindig nagyon nehéz megválni Maine Coon cicáinktól, akik nálunk születtek és cseperedtek fel, de egy tenyésztőnek bizony meg kell tudni birkózni ezzel az érzéssel.

Nem volt ez így másképp HU*Angelpaw Fairy Tail esetében sem. Ami viszont sokat enyhít szívünk fájdalmán, ha látjuk, milyen szerető és törődő családba, tenyészetbe költöznek drágaságaink. Éppen ezért, szívesen visszük el mi magunk Maine Coon cicáinkat új otthonukba vagy látogatjuk meg őket életük folyamán. Bővebben

2 of our Maine Coon kittens have moved to their new home 1.part

One of our Maine Coon kittens, HU*Angelpaw Fantastic Black has already found the dream home

Our black Maine Coon boy, Fantastic Black moved to his new home in 09th of August. He was waited so much by his new family. The last days we started the countdown.

HU*Angelpaw Fantastic Black új otthonába költözött
HU*Angelpaw Fantastic Black új otthonába költözött

It is very interesting and special, that the new family is living very close to us. Only 3 streets far from us. So our black boy will live next to us. We are very happy for it. The new family is almost the same like us. They are 3 with 2 legs and 3 with 4 legs. Furthermore we get along well with each other.
Well Fantastic Black (Mathieu) will live with two other fantastic Maine Coon boys in this lovely family.

The new daddy, Ákos Szabó, a professional photographer, who made super pictures about the moments of discover the new home, which let us to share with you:


The second part of this article: 2-of-our-maine-coon-kittens-have-moved-to-their-new-home-2-part