Our blue Maine Coon kittens in the litter J

Blue is the Beauty – if you dont give up, your dream will come true

Arrivel our blue kittens made us so happy.

Who knows our cattery’s story that how insistently we were waiting for our blue babies and how much misfortune and pain have preceded the blue beauties’ arrival. But cat breeding is just like this. To the birth of the imagined Maine Coon kittens we need a lot of patience, time and stamina. The older the cattery, the more likely is that they would know the darker side of breeding and not just the good covered with sugar. Although the cattery can become more conscious, well experienced and dedicated only with failures and painful experiences. 

Our passion for Maine Coons has started when we chose our first blue girl, Rhodesia. We have not bring her home yet, but soon a giant, blue baby born in the C litter, we thought for the first time the kitten is a girl, but later we got know that he is a big boy. We changed his name from Crystal to Cristiano Ronaldo. Our happiness was measureless. We saw the perfect duo in these two blue cat and we were expecting fantastic babies from them. But life, destiny or God changed our plan, because two months later we have lost Rhodi in due croupons pneumonia. I had a breakdown. I spent nights with crying and I was thinking about that we have not really started breeding yet and I would stop doing it. My pain was limitless. After a couple of nights without any sleep, we took part in a cat exhibition in October where other breeders melt my soul and share their painful experiences with us, after this I felt strong enough to continue.

What has happened later?

As we fall in love with Rhodesia, we brought home another beautiful girls from the same cattery and parents. I would be thankful in all my life for the friendship with Maria and Walldemar, because we just have lost their loved baby, they still trusted us and gave us one kitten from their princes girls. We waited one year for her and then Xaliah has arrived to us, who exceeded our expectations. She melted our heart again with her kindness, charm, perfect shaped forehead and jaw, beautiful long ears, wonderful blue fur and her elegant appearance which is a characteristic of the Ashabelle Cattery. Happiness filled up our house and cattery again, because everything was given for the birth of our blue babies. 

What is life alike? When everything seems perfect and the human believes, entrusts and hopes, something has to happen again in order to moderate this euphoria. Ronaldo has an eye disease which could be inheritable and the breeding with him is not recommended. So we made one of our most painful decision and neutered him. My heart has broken into pieces again and we fed up or dream of having blue babies in our cattery. We were thinking that was if the destiny does not want us to have them, we do not have to force it, there is another way.

In this terrible tragedy in our dear friends’ Tourmalynx Cattery, one precious blue boy was born, we did not know but he was meant for us from the first moment. My gratitude and love would always be with you, Zsófi and Tamás! They threw a life-jacket for the drowning human, they make this possible and our dream came true. Platon developed into an irresistible young boy from a baby till that time we took him home. From the baby with the sad samurai look has grown into an imposing male cat in a few months at our home, which proved us we can not fed up with our dream, because together with Xaliah they gave us six, blue beauties, who while I am writing this article, they are jumping around by making me smiley, which was unimaginable for me a few days ago. 

Our blue kittens would move to their new homes soon, but before this would happen every minute with them is a gift. So our love and wish have fulfilled. It is fulfilled even though life gave us good and bad, luck as misfortune like a sine wave. We kept going and never gave up. Perseverance will always win and worth its reward. In our current case, these blue beauties.