CH HU*Angelpaw Amber

Date of birth:  01. May 2013.

Colour: MCO ns – Black smoke

Parents: HU*Beloved Dreamcoon KONRAD & Tourmaline Cat ELANOR

Tests of Amber: HCM, PKD, SMA, PKDef N/N

Pedigree of Amber

Results of Shows:

  • 2x CAC (05-06. April 2014. Győr / Felis Hungarica, Internationale FIFe Catshow in Hungary)
  • 2x CAC (04-05. October 2014. Győr / Felis Hungarica, Internationale FIFe Catshow in Hungary)
  • Felnőtt kategóriában 1x CACIB (13. December 2014. Budapest / Felis Hungarica, Internationale FIFe Catshow in Hungary)

Amber was born as the first Maine Coon baby in A litter of our Cattery. She was the biggest baby in the litter. I was falling in love with her in the first moment. I felt she was a miracle but I could not think about that I could keep her, because I had no other male, only his father. When I saw her I saw her father too. That beautiful silky and nice black smoke hair. Ohhh. I adored for her father, Konrad too. He is my biggest love.

It was a great suprise and furtune when Ivett (from HU*Beloved Dreamcoon Cattery) decided to give us Quintin. I could not say enough thanks to her for Quintin.

As Amber was developing she was getting nicer and nicer. She was a dream girl, a well socialized, purring furry baby. Well she is fine nowadays too. She is purring loudly, heating loudly. :-) She has very nice profile, well setting ears, long and very silky black smoke hair, furry tail. I am proud of her.
From Amber & Quintin pairing we got very very nice kittens. Beautiful little Princes and Princesses were born in the  D litter and now in the F litter. Diva, Dragon and Dark Chocolate have already had super results in Catshows.

Some photos about Amber when she was kitten: HU*Angelpaw AMBER Maine Coon cica

Amber, the great mommy: